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Pest control is one of those problems that none of us wants to deal with, but also one of those problems that can’t just be ignored, unfortunately.

If left unattended, pests of all kinds can run amok and wreak havoc around the home, and even end up causing physical irritation to both you and your pets. It is important to get a pest control company to your property as quickly as possible, as letting a pest problem get out of control is unsanitary and unsafe.

If you think that one of your properties could be suffering from pests, then keep reading for information on how our pest control professionals in Northampton can help you today. Additionally, if you’re not sure what the signs of an infestation are, or want to know more about our services, then read on to find out everything you need to know!

What does our pest control team do?

Our team of trusted pest removal experts tackle both commercial and domestic work, so whether it’s your business or house that needs attention, we can help you!

We are equipped with the best training and work with high standards of professionalism in all areas of pest control.

In the event of a pest infestation, our pest controllers will come to your property multiple times in order to make sure that the pest problem has been completely eradicated. On top of this, we give you tips on how to prevent future issues and warning signs to look out for.

We aim to work quickly because we understand the importance of getting rid of any pest problems with haste. Our team is comprised of specialists in different types of infestation, from birds to wasps to rodents, and they are all knowledgeable about pest issues specific to Northamptonshire.

Regardless of whether your property is rural or in a busy urban centre, we will know how to get the problem under control thanks to our many years of experience.

Why is pest control important?

Pest control is something that you simply cannot take risks with. Failure to deal with any pests you may have is likely to have serious consequences.

If you own a commercial property and spot rats or ants, for example, this could mean having your business potentially shut down temporarily or permanently until you comply with health and safety laws. Stock such as food and drink products would have to be thrown away, incurring huge financial losses. Furthermore, if the infestation became public knowledge it could damage your reputation and negatively impact sales and business longevity.

Pest control is equally as important in domestic properties. Failing to get a problem under control makes a house unsafe to live in, or at the very least unpleasant and uncomfortable. Certain pests can be carriers of disease and are generally very unhygienic. They also tend to reproduce at a fast rate, and so the longer you leave them unattended in a property, the smaller the chance is that you can tackle the issue easily and inexpensively.

Our pest control services

Nest removal

Wasp nest removal is one of the most common services in the Northampton area. Wasps often nest in roofs and sheds and can be a nasty surprise if you don’t expect them there. If not dealt with, the nest can become a real problem. Wasps reproduce at a rapid rate, and their stings can cause pain and even allergic reactions.

Instead of worrying about how to get rid of the nest yourself, give us a call! We pride ourselves on our efficient and quick removals and guarantee to leave your property pest-free.


Whether you live in Northampton town or in a rural part of Northamptonshire, rodents have the potential to be a real issue, and it’s important to take action as soon as you spot signs of an infestation.

Rats and mice reproduce at a very rapid rate and are also common carriers of disease, which can be catastrophic for you, especially if you have an infestation in a business property. What’s more, if you run a hospitality business and a rodent problem is uncovered, you could go out of business for breaching health and safety regulations.

We offer the best rodent control for miles around, and even offer same day or next day services as we understand the urgency of eliminating mice and rats from your property.


There are many different insects that you may not even realise are spreading like wildfire in your home. Typical insect infestations that our pest control service deals with are bed bugs, flies, fleas, and even cockroaches.

Our commercial pest control team works quickly and efficiently in the Northamptonshire area to eradicate pests from your businesses, as without this you risk losing customers and having contaminated produce.

Bird Control

Our specialists have years of experience in controlling infestations of birds like pigeons and gulls. However, if you are struggling with a different animal problem, such as squirrels, then we are more than happy to deal with this for you as well.

We use deterrents which not only manage your pest problem rapidly and discreetly, but we do so without causing harm to the birds. Our services include bird-proofing and preventative measures.

It is crucial to deal with bird infestations because they can often encourage other pests such as mites and beetles to make themselves at home.

The cost of pest control in Northampton

Land size

The price of pest control in Northampton will depend on the size of the land that is infested. For example, if you need services in multiple areas or a single service in one large piece of land, this will cost significantly more than dealing with just one house.

Type of pest

Some pest control services cost more than others, which inevitably means that the cost of the solution will increase.

Generally speaking, bed bug control service will be less expensive than handling an avian problem. This is not fixed, however, and we always recommend that you contact us if you’re unsure of the kind of pest issue you have or the extent of it.

The extent of the pest problem

As mentioned previously, the extent of the problem you have will change the price. If you need all the manpower we have to overhaul a large infestation, then you can expect to pay a higher amount than you would if we were working on a smaller problem in a concentrated space.

Why choose us?

Our team

We are a close-knit, family-run pest control company who has been working in Northampton and surrounding areas for many years.

All members of our team are highly experienced, and we have specialists on board who work closely with different types of pests. This means that we will know the best solution to your problem, and can deal with it quickly and efficiently thanks to our in-depth knowledge.

Our services

The services that we provide are unmatched by any of our competitors in the Northampton area. Not only do we offer each service mentioned above, but are happy to work with you if you have an issue not already covered.

If you require any additional information about the work that we do or how we can help you, then please do not hesitate to contact us, via our website, in-person, or by phone.

You won’t find a pest service that operates like us, from our excellent customer service to the technology and techniques we use to get pests under control. Don’t just take our word for it – get in touch today and find out what we can do for you!

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