Rat Control Northampton

Do you have unwanted guests living in your home? Are you aware of the dangers that rodent infestations can cause you and your family?

We are a team of pest control professionals who can help you with any pest problem, no matter how big or small. We provide a wide range of friendly and effective services for rat control and other pest issues in Northampton and the surrounding area.

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How much damage can rats do?

At their best, rodents can cause distress when discovered. At worst, they can carry disease through food contamination, cause property damage, or even a fire. Rodent droppings and urine can carry diseases which will contaminate your house and any consumable products inside it.

Rodent pest control in Northampton

Whether you’re in the beautiful Northamptonshire countryside or right in the heart of our more urban towns, we have a solution to your pest problems. People often find their rodent issues are in urban areas, as rats and other rodents are opportunistic scavengers, meaning they like to eat many of the things found in our houses and gardens. The safest and most effective way to control a pest problem is with professional guidance and service.

How much do pest control services cost?

There are a few factors you will need to consider.

Types of pest: Pest infestation can take a wide range of forms, as can the services required. The price will be based on the gravity of the infestation and the necessary treatments.

Type of Treatment: The type of treatment needed to control a pest problem, or the number of treatments needed will contribute to the pest control costs.

Size of house: The larger the property the harder it will be to control pests, the average price of rodent control in the UK is between £100-£300, depending on the number of bedrooms, or based on the services needed (for businesses).

Rodent Control Northampton FAQs

According to the Northampton county council website, they do not offer a pest control service.
Exterminators use baits, loaded traps or rodenticide, but this varies depending on individual cases. We offer bait stations, which are pet and child safe if you’re worried about any other house residents. We are insured by the British Pest Control Association, and we use only their approved methods.
Pest control services vary widely, as does their price! But on average pest controllers usually charge £150-200 per day spent at your residence, but with re-treatments and aftercare, we aim to provide you with the most cost-effective solution to give you peace of mind.
With over 90 years of experience leading the pest control industry, we believe we are the best exterminators around. We have many satisfied customers and can get a local team in contact with you within 24 hours of your first inquiry. We will discuss and seal all entry points on our surveying visit, and help you prevent pests in the future.


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