Agricultural Pests Daventry

Agricultural pests like birds and ants can have more harmful effects than one might initially expect. The obvious harmful effect is that they – especially insects – can damage crops in varying ways. Depending on the type of pests, such as rats and other rodents, equipment and nearby structures can also be negatively impacted and damaged.

To control domestic pest problems in your Daventry home, as well as pests that pose a problem to your businesses, you must look out for the right pest control business.

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About us

We are a pest control company from the West Midlands providing pest controllers and bird control services for domestic and business needs. We can provide treatment in homes and on a variety of different kinds of property.

How we work

When you contact us we will take a number of precautions to investigate your pest problem. This includes determining what kinds of pests you are having an issue with. We check for environmental issues, such as dampness that links to a lot of pest problems. This will allow us to determine which kind of pest control team is necessary to help you.

Types of Agricultural Pest Control in Daventry

Rodent pest control

These include mice and rats that are often the largest issues for agricultural equipment as they often chew through wires and pipes. Pest control services for this type of pest is primarily to stop their food source.

Mole pest control

Like rodents, the best way to rid yourself of moles is to check for some of their food sources. They can also be caught in traps and prevented from coming on your property using repellants.

Rabbit pest control

Rabbits are often found around homes they feel comfortable in. This means that you can contact us to make your property less inviting to rabbits using barriers and by taking care of the upkeep of plant growth.

Insect pest control

Insects such as ants, wasps, and a wasp nest, in particular, are more of the harder to control pest type. The best way to control wasp and ant issues is by fumigation and repellent sprays. These control services can be quite toxic and difficult and therefore it is important to contact us as soon as possible in some of these cases.

Bird pest control

The best way to put in bird proofing is through physical barriers. As opposed to insects, birds can be prevented from entering your area by putting physical barriers such as spikes where they may perch. Chemical repellents will not control birds as well as physical repellents as they are larger. If you contact us, we can install these forms of pest control and prevent birds from returning to your home.

Why choose our Agricultural Pest Control Services in Daventry, Northamptonshire


We are the most effective pest control services in Daventry, Northamptonshire as we work quickly. We also run effective assessments before taking the relevant pest control procedures that make the process of pest control so much easier.


Our pest control services are reliable- its easy to contact us regularly in order to make sure your pest problem goes away for good. We will also help find structural problems that can be the cause of pest issues.


We have 30 years of experience in pest control and therefore can provide an understanding service. We can, as a result, work quickly as well.