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Are wasps terrorising your family or customers? Are you unable to enjoy your garden for fear of being stung? We’re here to provide the most friendly and effective wasp control that Northampton has to offer. Our services are tailored to your individual needs and schedule, and we will take care of all pests for your peace of mind.

Domestic and commercial wasp nest removal

Have you heard that telltale angry buzzing sound at your home or business? People are often very afraid of wasps. Their stings can be extremely painful and in extreme cases, life-threatening. They are a threat not only to your family but can cause problems for your business. The only way to reduce the risk of being stung is by applying treatments to the nest. If pest issues are affecting your work or family life, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Wasp and pest control in Northampton

One nest can produce up to 30,000 insects a year, each one with a scavenge radius of over a mile. They like to build their nests in attics, wall cavities, or other confined spaces and can only be fully rectified by pest control services.

Northamptonshire is a beautiful county with plenty of urban areas as well as beautiful countryside. These happen to be favourite environments for wasps to set up a nest. Luckily we can provide great solutions for these pest problems for you.

Notice the level of activity around your property to ascertain the gravity of the infestation. Don’t attempt to remove the nest yourself. Multiple stings can easily end in a serious hospital visit!

How much does a pest control team cost?

The cost of a pest control team depends on different factors;

Number of nests

As every nest must be treated individually, multiple nests can affect the price. If a nest is dormant before the pest control professionals arrive, then this can bring the cost down.

Extent of infestation

Pest controllers will usually tackle a nest over two visits. The site must be thoroughly treated with insecticide so no live wasps can sting on the removal of the nest. There is a chance that the nest itself cannot be removed, depending on its location. Rest assured that all the insects will be dead, and will not return should this be the case. The pest control costs in the NN postcode typically ranges from £45-£70, depending on the treatment.

Wasp control FAQs

Northamptonshire county council currently do not offer pest control or removal service.

Exterminators offer a pest control service for wasps, and are of course supplied with protective gear to prevent injury, and are fully trained technicians. All our services are approved by the British Pest Control Association of which we are proud to be members.
If you have a pest problem at your property it’s very important to contact technicians, we are trained for this job and can offer you effective solutions and expert guidance to prevent reoccurrence.


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