Domestic Pests Northampton

Already tried dealing with the occasional mouse or two with a mousetrap or tried to get rid of bed bugs with a spray? It certainly seemed to work for a little while!

But what happens when you realise that it was only a temporary solution and that you actually have a much bigger pest problem on your hands?

It can understandably be quite distressing finding entry points of rats or creepy crawlies in your home, that you aren’t able to handle.

This is exactly where pest exterminators step in! These professional pest technicians have all the treatments necessary so you can have the peace of mind that your house is rodent-free once more.

From rodent to bird control services, there are plenty of pest controllers in the locality of Northamptonshire that able to help you out, so keep reading for more details below.

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What are domestic pests

Whether it’s by infecting stored food, burrowing in your attic or transmitting diseases by fouling around your property.

These all indicate that your space is being invaded by rodents or perhaps a specific insect, that is potentially harmful to both your health and your environment.

Types of domestic pests

Some of the most common domestic pests local to Northampton include:

Rodents like rats, mice, or squirrels.
Insects like carpet beetles, cockroaches or cluster flies.
Wasp nest, bees, or hornets can also be issues on sites around your properties

All of these can be dangerous without proper pest control professionals to deal with them.

Pest control in Northampton

Although it is never pleasant to discover pest issues, lucky for you, Northampton is home to some of the best British Pest Control Association (BPCA) approved companies, who have the experience and service available to help you with your pest problems.

How much do pest control services cost?

Costs can depend on the type of vermin, sort of treatment needed, and length of treatment, so it is difficult to determine a price until a survey is done for an accurate quote, which is usually done free of charge.

Rodent Control Northampton FAQs

According to the Northampton county council website, they do not offer a pest control service.
Exterminators use baits, loaded traps or rodenticide, but this varies depending on individual cases. We offer bait stations, which are pet and child safe if you’re worried about any other house residents. We are insured by the British Pest Control Association, and we use only their approved methods.
Pest control services vary widely, as does their price! But on average pest controllers usually charge £150-200 per day spent at your residence, but with re-treatments and aftercare, we aim to provide you with the most cost-effective solution to give you peace of mind.
With over 90 years of experience leading the pest control industry, we believe we are the best exterminators around. We have many satisfied customers and can get a local team in contact with you within 24 hours of your first inquiry. We will discuss and seal all entry points on our surveying visit, and help you prevent pests in the future.


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