Agricultural Pests Northampton

There is nothing worse than coming home to find you have a pest infestation in your beautiful home.

We understand how frustrating and stressful it can be for home and business owners. That is why our pest control professionals, field biologists, and rodent specialists are ready to free your place of these nasty invaders.

We are the leading pest control company in Northamptonshire and certified by the British Pest Control Association.

We pride our self on delivering fast effective control methods. If you have agricultural pests, Northampton specialists have got you covered.

If your business or home is suffering from rats, insects, cockroaches, or any other infestation that needs removing from the premises, we provide many controlling services at AMAZINGLY low rates.

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Why is pest control important?

It is important to protect your property from nasty invasions because once they settle in, it becomes harder to get rid of them. The longer they are left to roam around the more damage they can cause in your premises.

Our pest control team can rid your property of any pest problem in Northampton. Contact us if you think you have pest problems before they take over.

Effects on your business

Pests can go unnoticed and cause major problems within your premises.
  • Woodworm can cause rotten wooden roof and floorboards.
  • An ant infestation spread bacteria and diseases also some people can be allergic to bites.
  • Rodents will run around your premises making holes and pooing anywhere they want. Cockroaches are divesting for businesses.
  • They destroy inner walls and multiple at an alarming rate.

Pest Control Services

With outstanding, friendly and professional service, use our specialist pest controllers in Northampton for any pest control problem. Our team can help with:

Insect control

Infestations like cockroaches, woodworm, ants, bed bugs pose a threat to your property. We find their hiding places and eliminate them.


Are you suffering from birds like urban gulls or feral pigeons? We use effective bird control measures that don’t harm them or damage your building.

Rats and mice

Nobody likes an infestation of diseased rodents running around under your floorboards and in the walls. Our rodent control methods work fast to kill them and prevent them from returning to your premises.


They like to find shelter in roof spaces and will chew through small corners to fit inside. With our domestic pest control experience, we aim to capture them and prevent any potential return.

The typical cost of a commercial pest control Northampton team

To provide you with an accurate price, our qualified surveyors in Northampton will need to view the infested premises as many factors contribute to the final estimate.

Pest type

Depending on which type of infestation you have will vary on the overall price. Wasp nest removal, for example, will use fewer treatments than with rodents.

Land size

The bigger the property – the bigger the area we have to cover to tackle the problem, which plays a role in the overall service cost.

Extent of infestation

Depending on the volume of the infestation, it will require more time and visits to treat it.