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Have you ever been relaxing in your home and you suddenly hear the scurrying of tiny feet in the walls? Or have you ever been lying in bed and had a little bite on your ankle?

These are all signs of having a domestic pest in your house. You may need a visit from a pest control team to help you remove the pest in question. A pest control service will offer solutions for pest management and make sure they don’t come back.

If you have domestic pests, Daventry Pest Control is here to help you!

Below we will discuss if you are likely to be experiencing a pest issue and if you need a visit from pest control.

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What are the different types of domestic pests:

Before calling out a pest controller to look at your rats, mice or other pest problem, is it wise to establish what is considered to be a domestic pest?

To put it quite simply, a pest is a living creature that is in your home and causing you a problem. These can come in many shapes and sizes and can cause a lot of problems.

They have been known to eat through pipes, wires or fill your attic with disgusting waste.

There are many different versions of pest, from big to small. You may get rodents such as mice and rats crawling through your pipes.

You will need an experienced rat control team as rodents can bring big issues such as creating holes in your wires and pipes to make shortcuts through the house.

You may also come across insects such as cockroaches, bed bugs or even a wasp nest which can be quite unclean and some may make you itch. These are issues our pest control team, as well as our specialised bed bug control teams, can manage on your behalf.

Finally, you may have a flock of birds in your home. This will need an experienced bird control team to tackle. The waste of these birds may cause structural issues in your home.

Professional Pest Control in Daventry:

If you think you need a pest control team to visit you in Daventry or any of the surrounding areas in Northamptonshire such as Northampton, Market Harborough or Rugby then you can contact us.

We are a family run pest control service with over 30 years worth of experience. We have expert knowledge in every domestic pest and aspire to improve the local public health. We can manage any pest control issue from carpet beetles to a wasp nest.

Pest Control Daventry and Pest Control Northampton are approved by the British Pest Control Association to prove you will always get the highest quality service. Please contact us for a fast response and efficient service.

Rodent Control Northampton FAQs

A pest control problem does not need to break the bank and the cost will depend on the size of your pest issue. Call us and we will take you through our prices during the phone call.

There are many ways you can get hold of our pest control company in Daventry and Northampton. We are available over the phone where we can discuss your issues one to one.

If you would prefer to email us, then you can use our simple contact form to get in touch. You will be receiving the highest quality of pest control in no time.


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