Wasp Control Daventry

Nobody wants to find a wasps nest in their house, attic, or garden shed – but if they do so, they must call upon a professional pest control service as soon as you can.

Unlike their furry, honey-producing cousins, wasps are notoriously bad-tempered and are not afraid of using their stingers in defence.

By seeking out an experienced professional wasp nest removal service, you can guarantee that our pest control Daventry team remove the entire infestation speedily and professionally.

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Domestic and commercial wasp nest removal

Our pest control Daventry team has years of commercial pest control experience and working within a domestic environment.

Below are some of the main advantages for businesses who seek out our professional wasp nest removal service:

  • Our technicians are BPCA (British Pest Control Association) approved - which means they have the expertise needed to identify and eradicate wasps efficiently and effectively.

  • By offering business a speedy turn-around, we can guarantee clients that we will remove all wasps within two working days, allowing minimal impact on the business's running.

  • In addition to removing all of the wasps and their nests from your business, we can also offer and in place some preventative measures - such as insect screens - that will help control future pest infestations.

For domestic wasp nest removal, our Daventry based pest control team provides a fast response aiming to treat a wasp infestation in just one 30-45 minute visit!

Wasp and pest control in Daventry

Wasps are not the only pests that can plague a household or commercial property.

We also control pest infestations involving rats, mice, bed bugs, carpet beetles, and bird control in Daventry.

Rodents such as rats can be incredibly unsanitary and cause significant disruptions in a workplace environment.

The pest control services provided in Daventry and beyond provide a fast response that utilises the best rat control and rodent control tools to remove them as quickly as possible.

How much does a pest control team cost?

number of nests

The cost for a professional pest control team to visit your property depends on a few crucial factors. As you can imagine, it will cost more to remove several nests than it would remove a single one – as more time and effort is required.

Extent of infestation

Another factor contributing to the overall cost of pest control services is the extent of the pest infestation. However, if the infestation is extensive and spread throughout your house or commercial property, it will take longer to get rid of them, and therefore cost more to do so.

Wasp control FAQs

The cost of wasp control in Daventry depends mainly on the number of nests that there are, and the size of the wasp population within them.

Generally speaking, it can cost between £45-£99 depending on the amount of work needed.

Most pest control services use a liquid insecticide spray which allows large areas – such as attics or sheds – to be treated all at once.

Some commercial pest control services also provide ethical and humane alternatives to clients that wish to get rid of pest without killing them.

Depending on your area and the type of infestation you have, the wasp treatment prices start at £45.00. If you want the nest not only to be treated but removed as well, prices can range between £65 and £99.


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