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Homeowners around the UK are switching to solar panelling to lower their carbon footprint ensuring their home is future proof. But how do you prevent pests such as birds nesting under your solar panels? And who can perform solar panel proofing work in Daventry?

Proofing solar panels from pests such as pigeons and other bird species is an extremely important part of solar panels maintenance. Our pest control service can perform proofing work in minutes ensuring your solar panel performance is as high as it can be. If you are tired of noisy pests and pigeon guano then give us a call. We can guarantee you’ll love our service!

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Why is bird proofing important for solar panels?

Due to the warmth collected by solar panels, they can be an extremely attractive place for bird species such as pigeons to nest under. That’s not all, however, as building a nest under a solar panel also means birds will be protected from rain and other weather-based elements. As they are attractive nesting areas for birds it means that bird proofing your solar panels is extremely important. Without proofing, birds will remain there for years, causing noise problems and leaving pigeon droppings everywhere. The sooner you invest in solar panel proofing mesh, the sooner you can get rid of any nuisances.

How does bird proofing work?

Pigeon proofing a solar panel is achieved by building a mesh structure around your solar panel that prevents birds from being able to nest there. This project prevents the build-up of loud pigeons and bird mites hidden inside nesting material from infesting your roof and your attic.

We may also install bird spikes first that deter pests from wanting to build a nest under your new solar panels.

Can I do it myself?

It is possible to bird proof yourself, however, it isn’t recommended. If even the slightest gap is open birds such as pigeons will instantly flock there to build a nest. By hiring from pest control services such as ourselves, we can ensure that your bird control problem will be sorted quickly and efficiently!

Cost of hiring a pest control team

There are a variety of different factors that will be taken into consideration to work out the cost of solar panel pigeon protection. Call us today for a telephone consultation with our head office so we can discuss any potential costs and find a cheap plan that works for you!


Pigeon proofing solar panels is an incredibly effective way to prevent bird species from nesting under your panels. Use of wire mesh and bird spikes can deter any would-be nests from appearing.

It is possible for bird species to damage your solar panels, which can lower the energy it generates due to damaged equipment. Removal of any nests and pest control is extremely important in these situations.


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